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President Dr. Tavakkoli with Governors: Drs. Larkin, Moriarty, and Nepomnayshy (Dr. Hopewood not pictured)
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Chronic nonspecific pneumonia is understood as chronic inflammatory diseases of the lungs, characterized by periodic outbreaks of the inflammatory process that arise on the basis of structural changes in the lung tissue and bronchi, and leading to their progression. Chronic bronchitis plays a very important role in the occurrence of chronic nonspecific pneumonia. Accompanied in a significant proportion of cases by a violation of bronchial patency and drainage function of the bronchi, chronic bronchitis, firstly, contributes to the occurrence of repeated acute pneumonia, and secondly, to their protracted course and transition to chronic.

Re-infection of the bronchial tree apparently occurs due to buy zyprexa online, which is found very often in patients with chronic pneumonia. Finally, one should keep in mind the possibility of developing chronic pneumonia as a result of the harmful effects of occupational factors (anthracosis, silicosis, berylliosis). The clinical picture of chronic nonspecific pneumonia is extremely polymorphic and varies depending on the stage of the disease, the state of external respiration and circulation, and the presence of certain complications. It is sometimes very difficult to promptly recognize exacerbations of chronic inflammatory processes in the lungs, since they often occur without a pronounced temperature reaction and without accelerating ROE.

The course of treatment for interstitial pneumonia is strictly individual. The duration of therapy depends on the form of the disease, its severity and the individual characteristics of the body.
Of course, traditional medicine recipes are not capable of ridding a patient of his illness. But still, doctors recommend using them as additional therapy. Some recipes help remove mucus and restore respiratory function. Let's take a closer look.
Licorice root must be placed in water and brought to a boil. The resulting liquid is cooled to room temperature. It is recommended to drink 1/3 cup of zyprexa pills three times a day. Peppermint and thyme are finely chopped with a knife and poured with vegetable oil. Leave in a dark place for about a week. Rub the oil on your back and chest every night. St. John's wort leaves are steamed with boiling water.

MCACS ACS Clinical Congress Achievement: SAGES FLS Development Project (part of the ACS Surgical Metrics Project): Dr. Nepomnayshy and Dr. Seymour with other project leaders
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For the diagnosis of chronic nonspecific pneumonia, a carefully collected anamnesis and a properly conducted examination of the patient are of great importance. Despite the very great importance of the x-ray method of examination, its overestimation (olanzapine) can lead to incorrect or delayed diagnosis of chronic pneumonia. A significant role in the clinical manifestations of chronic nonspecific pneumonia is played by the resulting changes in the functional state of the external respiratory apparatus.

In patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia, as a rule, there is a significant decrease in the vital capacity of the lungs, the limits and reserves of pulmonary ventilation, which occurs even in cases where the process is limited to buy olanzapine online or several segments. A more significant decrease in these indicators is observed in patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia with diffuse pneumosclerosis (see), pulmonary emphysema (see) and especially with the development of pulmonary heart failure (see). The limitation of pulmonary ventilation reserves in patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia with severe symptoms of circulatory failure suggests that even with little physical activity, the need to increase pulmonary ventilation may exceed the available reserves, and the limited limits of ventilation in these cases may cause an increase in external respiration failure.

Leave for at least 3 hours. The decoction is taken in a glass throughout the day. If the patient is bothered by a dry cough with a sore throat, warm milk with liquid honey (at the rate of 1 tablespoon per glass of liquid) helps. Get a flu shot once a year. If symptoms of a cold occur, start treatment on time. Protect yourself from hypothermia. Do breathing exercises daily. Carry out wet cleaning of the premises daily. In crowded places, use a medical mask. Stop smoking. Eat properly.

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Interstitial pneumonia is an insidious disease that cant occur in a latent form. Only modern diagnostic methods and laboratory tests of certain tests can detect the disease. If symptoms characteristic of this type of pneumonia appear, do not self-medicate and consult a doctor as soon as possible.
In patients with chronic nonspecific pneumonia with diffuse pneumosclerosis, in most cases, varying degrees of severity of arterial hypoxemia are observed, accompanied, as a rule, by arterial hypercapnia.
The natural development in such patients, along with arterial hypoxemia, also of arterial hypercapnia, gives reason to believe that pulmonary ventilation disorders play a significant role in the genesis of external respiration failure.
The classification of chronic pneumonia adopted at the 1964 symposium is shown in Table 2.
Therapeutic measures for chronic nonspecific pneumonia are aimed, firstly, at eliminating inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchi and, secondly, at preventing their relapses.
During the period of exacerbation of chronic nonspecific pneumonia, rational therapy with antibacterial drugs (antibiotics and sulfonamide drugs) is of primary importance. Antibiotics are recommended to be administered not only intramuscularly or orally, but also by aerosol.
Antibiotic therapy must be combined with the administration of vitamins, primarily riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1) and pyridoxine (vitamin B6), which are especially necessary when treating with broad-spectrum antibiotics.

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